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Discover local mentoring and volunteering opportunities in Tulsa

Discover local mentoring and volunteering opportunities in Tulsa

It’s often said that life is one of the greatest teachers. Therefore, the experience and wisdom of older adults make them some of the best mentors and volunteers. In addition to inspiring others in the community, mentoring and volunteering offers a sense of purpose for older adults. That’s why at Montereau we focus on giving back as a part of our commitment to promoting overall wellness.

As Kristen Schooley, our Director of Wellness at Montereau, said, “We have lots of residents who volunteer and we highly encourage residents to give their time and talents at Montereau and to organizations off campus. My Wellness team is working on a monthly volunteer project initiative in 2022. We’re kicking off 2022 with a January coat drive to collect coats for Women In Recovery. Next month we’re collecting items for Afghan refugees. Later on, we’ll be partnering with other organizations like Ronald McDonald House and others. And the goal is to make volunteering easy for our residents.”

She also mentioned that within the campus, residents are encouraged to participate in committees that specifically serve the Montereau community.

We recently recognized the International Day of Mentoring on January 17 as a reminder of the power of helping and uplifting others. As we celebrate community outreach, here are some of the ways residents work with people in our Tulsa community:

1. At the Food Bank

The selflessness of volunteering is often seen and appreciated by others even if the volunteers themselves don’t realize it. This is especially important for those who feel isolated. That’s why we have a group that goes twice a month to volunteer at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. Another group stays on campus to write thank you notes for the Food Bank twice per month. Never under estimate the value of these simple yet very meaningful actions.  

2. Reading Partners Program

This education program connects volunteers in the community with low-income schools to help children master basic reading skills. This one-on-one tutoring model makes a big impact in addressing the opportunity gap within Tulsa. Schooley and a number of Montereau residents love volunteering, and if you would like to join them, you can learn more about Reading Partners here.

3. RSVP of Tulsa

The RSVP of Tulsa engages volunteers who are 55 years and older. By partnering with over 180 local non-profit and public agencies, this program allows residents to volunteer in an organization that matches their experience and talents. From Animal Aid and American Red Cross to the Oklahoma Aquarium. You’re sure to find something you’re interested in. Learn more or sign up today.

Montereau is locally owned and operated in Tulsa, so we love that we can support our Tulsa community while providing residents a chance to serve. To search for more volunteer opportunities locally, visit the Serve Tulsan website. To learn more about our Vitality program, which adopts a holistic approach to wellness, click here or contact us today!

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April 21, 2022

by Montereau