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Get Outside: How to Safely Enjoy Warmer Days

As the days grow longer, the sunshine beckons us to spend more time outdoors. After weeks of staying in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all ready to get out of our homes a bit more. As states start to re-open, keep in mind that the coronavirus still poses a threat, particularly for older Americans.

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National Nurses Week: May 6 Through 12

In 1982, President Reagan signed a proclamation naming May 6th as National Recognition Day for Nurses. Furthermore, in 1990 it was declared that nurse recognition would be expanded to a week-long celebration from May 6 to May 12 each year. Why is May 6th significant?

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5 Ways to Boost Brain Health As You Age

As we move through our lives, our brains are always changing. Through the years, we grow in knowledge and experience, and we exhibit more wisdom and maturity. At the same time, our minds can face new challenges.

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10 Questions to Ask before Moving into Senior Living

In retirement, one of the biggest decisions you will make involves where you should live and how you will spend your time. Should you move into a senior living community? If so, what type of community is right for you?

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Staying Connected With Loved Ones Near and Far

These are challenging times, especially given the serious concerns about the coronavirus. Yet at Montereau, we believe social distancing doesn't mean we have to become disconnected-"social distancing" really means "physical distancing." You can-and should-remain social. With today's technology, you can see friends and family often, by video chat, on text, through photo sharing sites and social media.More seniors onlineSeniors are well-positio...

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