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5 Ways to Enjoy Vitality at Montereau
5 Ways to Enjoy Vitality at Montereau

In recent months, we’ve learned to navigate quieter days and more time for rest with the health concerns of COVID-19. While this period has brought challenge, it’s also given us a chance to appreciate community more and prioritize who and what we love. 

At the same time, we’re all ready to take on new challenges and get a little busier.  At Montereau, you can live life to the fullest with our Vitality wellness program.

A holistic approach

Successful aging means more than a physically healthy lifestyle. There are many dimensions

to whole-person wellness, and Vitality at Montereau supports them all:

  • Physical. An active lifestyle increases longevity.
  • Emotional. Find happiness through self-awareness and emotional support.
  • Intellectual. Sustain brain health with mental stimulation and lifelong learning.
  • Spiritual. Find enhanced purpose by connecting with the environment, community and others.
  • Social. Spark your social life by connecting with friends, old and new.

With eight full-time program staff members, Vitality is part of our community culture and boosts the lives everyone who lives at Montereau. Regardless of your level of living, wellness feels great.

Catered to your interests

We know not every resident has the same passions, so Vitality provides something for everyone. And not everyone has to do everything. Here are five fun ways to stay busy with Vitality:

  1. Get creative. Vitality offers creative arts classes, as well as opportunities for creative movement through tai chi and dance—great for your mental and physical well-being.
  2. Get adventurous. In ordinary times, our Vitality program offers the chance to get off campus for a tour, day trip, sports outing, cultural outings, Happy Hour or spa day.   
  3. Get engaged. What are you reading this week? Vitality can help you find a way to plug your passion into a volunteer project or book club. 
  4. Get growing. Use our personal fitness coaching to get in shape. Learn something new at one of our guest lectures. Join a discussion group for lively conversation and debate.
  5. Get healthier. We offer hundreds of activities, events and trips each month for residents to enjoy, and these activities all support the many dimensions of wellness.

Montereau residents are vital and we want them to live with Vitality! Get started by filling out the form at the bottom of our Vitality web page

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July 16, 2020

by Montereau