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Young at Heart: 5 Ways Montereau Supports Your Wellness
Young at Heart: 5 Ways Montereau Supports Your Wellness

There are so many reasons to join us at Montereau, from our white-glove service, which makes your life truly maintenance- and worry-free, to our gorgeous campus and first-rate amenities. As one of our residents recently observed, “The campus is striking when you see it. It’s up on a hill, and when you come around the curve, it’s like, whoa!”

Beyond the ambience, however, Montereau delivers one of the most important things older adults need—activities and support to maintain good health and promote longevity. Our Vitality wellness programming supports residents in body, mind and spirit, making sure they have everything they need to stay young and vital.

“When people visit, I always tell them that our wellness programming is about more than physical fitness and having fun,” said Kristen Schooley, Director of Wellness at Montereau. “We have all that, but we also have intentional activities and a framework for supporting the whole person. Good health is linked to vitality, which is what we call our holistic wellness programming.”

Montereau’s Vitality programming supports health and longevity across five key dimensions:

Physical Vitality: Residents love Montereau’s impressive fitness opportunities, as well as amenities that resemble what you would find in a good health club: a 24-hour fitness center, classes, one-on-one coaching, a heated pool and a whirlpool spa. Beyond the gym, residents also love Wii bowling, dance teams and more — all part of the active lifestyle at Montereau.

Emotional Vitality: Emotional wellness has been particularly important over the past year, and the staff has engaged residents to make sure they have everything they need during these trying times. Small, resident-led support groups have revitalized the resident experience and offered emotional support and personal connections even while physical distancing has been necessary.

Intellectual Vitality: From trips around Tulsa to guest lectures and book clubs, there’s always something new going on to stimulate the mind. Lifelong learning opportunities give residents the chance to stay active and keep growing. Recently, residents themselves have been offering presentations and leading discussions on topics related to their expertise, giving everyone the chance to bond while learning something new. 

Spiritual Vitality: Montereau is a non-denominational community but provides daily Catholic services provided by a resident priest, weekly Protestant services from our resident chaplain, and Bible study groups. Residents always have access to a beautiful on-campus chapel for quiet reflection, and also enjoy meditative walks around our lush, tree-lined campus.

Social Vitality: Socialization feeds into all the dimensions of wellness, and residents may choose from hundreds of activities to enjoy the retirement of their dreams. The Montereau team wants to make residents have fun connecting with friends new and old.

To learn more about what makes Montereau such special—even vital—place to retire, contact us today!

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September 29, 2021

by Montereau