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When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Montereau is So Delightful
When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Montereau is So Delightful

The season of holiday cheer is here, and Montereau is overflowing with celebrations. There’s so much to do, we hope you’ll find our holiday to-do list helpful. At the same time, give yourself room to breathe and soak up time with loved ones. 

Here are a few ideas for making the most of the season:

  1. Eat well, but don’t overwork. Enjoy delicious food, but don’t feel like you have to create elaborate holiday dinners. Ask friends and family to pitch in, go for a simpler menu or just enjoy the special foods our dining services will be preparing in the coming weeks. We hope you enjoy the Montereau family recipes we’re sharing, too.
  2. Decorate simply. Choose your favorite sentimental items, but don’t feel that you have to deck every hall — unless that brings you joy!
  3. Send greetings an easier way. You don’t have to handwrite dozens of Christmas cards, especially if you are affected by joint pain. Enlist a family member or friend to help or use an online service that will pre-print your envelopes and greetings. Search for “personalized holiday cards” and you’ll get many options.
  4. Listen to favorite holiday songs. Nothing stimulates memories more than music. Not only is it good for your cognition, but also for your heart. 
  5. Go shopping. It’s always fun to buy gifts for loved ones, especially when you’re with friends. Hop on the Montereau bus to do your holiday shopping at stores such as Ida Red, Zella's Boutique, or any of the shops at Utica Square. Then, let us wrap all of your gifts at our gift wrapping event.
  6. Use technology to connect. If you can’t see loved ones in person, use Facetime, Zoom or other video chatting applications to spend time together. 
  7. Take a trip. If you are traveling during the holidays, be sure to give yourself plenty of time for busier roads, trains and airports. Ask for assistance with bags and transportation, if you need it. Plan ahead and dress for the weather along the way and at your destination.
  8. Make new memories. While the holidays provide many opportunities to reminisce, try new activities, too. As you’re prepping for the most wonderful time of the year, be sure to include some of our community’s festivities on your calendar:
  • Let’s Get Crafty: Christmas Manger
  • Creative Corner:  Gingerbread Houses 
  • Holiday Door Decorations 
  • Christmas Movies
  • Christmas Light Trip
  • Christmas Music
  • Holiday Games
  • Hot Cocoa Bar & Christmas Carols 

“We love celebrating the holidays with our community, so we pack the calendar with different options to make the season fun for everyone,” said, Wellness Director Kristen Schooley. “Check out our community events calendars and come join us!”

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December 21, 2021

by Montereau