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Ted Robertson: Volunteer Spotlight
Ted Robertson: Volunteer Spotlight

Three-year Montereau resident, Ted Robertson, was recently presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Oklahoma Governor, Kevin Stitt, in recognition of the lasting legacy he has built through his service to our community. Receiving this distinction was an honor for Ted, yet he was quick to give credit to the numerous others who have provided a steadfast commitment to him over the years, including his wife. He said, "I could not have achieved this without Joann's love and support."

All who know Ted can attest to his outgoing personality and caring heart. Both assets have combined to positively affect the lives of countless individuals over the years. He says his personal focus is doing things that help and encourage people. His thriving business and the numerous Christian service organizations he has founded are a testament to the fact that he lives true to this focus.

Many know Ted by his affectionate nickname, "Rubberhead Ted", given to him by an early interviewer he met. He kindly embraced this name only years after founding Robertson Tire in 1962.

He is not a "rubberhead" when it comes to business and faith, though! He admits that he grew the business by providing a good product and serving his customers with honesty and integrity. Today, his business is still family-owned and continues the Robertson name with his sons and grandchildren at the core of leadership. His strong faith is one he shares with others, and he admits that it was only once he accepted Christ that his life and business flourished like never before.

The success of the business reaped financial benefits that he believed he needed to share. And so he founded the Tulsa Christian Businessmen (TCB) organization. In subsequent years, he established other organizations with a similar focus including the Young Businessmen of Tulsa (YBT) and the Tulsa Women's Fellowship (TWF). Each organization is multifaceted and helps different charities.

Ted has spent countless hours generously volunteering his time and donating his money to organizations he feels strongly about. The Tulsa Christian Businessmen (TCB) have been instrumental in supporting the community through various outreach programs. They have helped feed kids in lower income areas of Tulsa, and they have provided stuffed animals to local law enforcement to give to children experiencing difficult circumstances.

Although he has spent almost a lifetime giving back, he continues his work at Montereau. He and Cheryl Peters, Montereau's resident Protestant Chaplain, have started a program for residents in The Abbey focused on entertainment and fellowship. Last month, Ted coordinated a live music event by local entertainer, Jack Spratt, who performed old crooner songs that the residents knew and appreciated. He loves being a part of the program and acknowledged that he feels great enjoyment from seeing the happiness on the residents' faces.  

Ted and his wife moved to Montereau in December 2016. They enjoy the community, and he conveyed how friendly the residents have been since the beginning. "A big part of my life is here at Montereau. This is a great place, and my wife and I love it."

We appreciate all that Ted does in the Tulsa community and beyond, and we are proud to have the Robertsons as part of the Montereau family! In closing, Ted shared some insightful words of wisdom that can benefit everyone:  

"Happiness is a choice. I wake up every morning and choose to be happy. It helps me look forward to my day." ?

"Rubberhead Ted" with his Lifetime Achievement Award from Governor Stitt.

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April 17, 2020

by Montereau