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Independent Living in the Heart of Tulsa
Independent Living in the Heart of Tulsa

Jamie Townsend is a Tulsa native who loves her hometown. So much so, that she made a career shift 20 years ago to deepen her ties even more. And it’s worked.

“I’m enjoying it more than I could have guessed. I wanted to work in an environment that did something for our city,” Jamie said. “I wanted to do something where I was making a difference… and something connected to our city.”

Jamie found that here at Montereau, our premier retirement community in the heart of Tulsa.

“Montereau offers a true feeling of community,” said Jamie, who works as our marketing director. “It’s small town living within a bigger city.”

Mere minutes away

While you don’t really have to leave Montereau to find great food, fun and fellowship, our residents can’t resist the charm and opportunities of Tulsa just minutes away.

From its art and architecture scene to its parks and museums, Tulsa is self-described as “the world’s largest small town,” which offers Montereau residents an easy and enjoyable complement to the full living they already experience here with us.  

Six-year Montereau resident Cheryl Melton agrees.

“A lot of people wait too long to move into senior living, and they can’t really enjoy all there is to do,” she said of herself and her husband, Gene, who were in their late 60s when they moved in. “We’re able to get out, do things and be active, not only here in Tulsa but all over. We travel a lot, and we don’t have the worries of homeownership. We don’t have those responsibilities anymore.”

A win-win for all

Not only is Tulsa icing on the cake for Montereau, but our retirement community is an important partner for the city, too.

We are one of the few locally owned and operated businesses in Tulsa, which is special and unique given that many organizations today don’t have local connections and are managed from a distance, Jamie said. Whereas Montereau makes all of its decisions right here.

“What the Warren family has done for our city for 60 years or more in giving back and being connected, creating a better city, is something that I feel makes a big difference and something we want to model here at Montereau,” Jamie said.  

Her philosophy, Jamie said, is to support mom and pops and smaller businesses, to buy, shop and dine locally. And that’s what she wants Montereau residents to do as well.

“We want Tulsa to think of Montereau as its friendliest neighborhood.” 

When the Meltons were looking for a home for their retirement years, they visited a half dozen or so from Oklahoma to North Carolina, coming across Montereau while visiting Tulsa for a croquet tournament of all things.

“It’s very pretty here, and it’s striking when you see it,” she said. “The campus is up on a hill, and when you drive in, it’s like, ‘Wow!’ We looked at quite a few communities, and Montereau was the best.”

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September 29, 2021

by Montereau