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Earth Day Activities for Seniors

Earth Day Activities for Seniors

This month, join communities all around the world to celebrate Earth Day! Since April 1970, people across the United States have been digging into a sustainable future by planting trees, recycling and performing other activities to make the world a brighter place—today and tomorrow.

With spring in the air and sprouts in the garden, there’s a planet of possibilities before us! To celebrate Earth Day this year, here are 5 ideas from your friends at Montereau.

1. Join an environmental club: There’s nothing like connecting with others to feel a sense of communal spirit. Whether it’s a group of friends picking up litter on the side of the road, a community garden of flowers and vegetables, or an official club or environmental organization, getting involved is a great way to engage with others and the world. For those local to Tulsa, check out this directory of environmental organizations to explore more.

2. Enjoy nature: Show your appreciation on Earth Day by basking in all that the earth has to offer. When was the last time you took a walk and really observed and enjoyed your surroundings? Plan a day out, go for a walk in the woods, or visit the Tulsa Botanic Garden to reconnect with the earth.

3. Shop at a local farmers market: Local farmers support the environment in a number of ways. This includes encouraging biodiversity, developing farmlands, providing fresher produce and reducing the carbon footprint due to reduced transport costs. Therefore, when you support local farmers markets, you support the environment.  

4. Lead a community effort: Gather friends or neighbors and encourage each other to make better and more sustainable choices regarding the environment. Do you have a compost heap? Have you researched recycled products? The world relies on leaders to take the initiative, so gather your group and get started!

5. Organize a cleanup: Healthy living spaces make the world better for us all—humans, flora and fauna. At Montereau, our environmental services team does a great job in keeping our campus clean and serene, but there are ample opportunities around Tulsa to support the park systems with cleanup or Adopt-A-Highway to manage a two-mile strip of road.

For more activities and ways to get involved visit Happy Earth Day!

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April 18, 2022

by Montereau