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Benefits of Gardening for Seniors
Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

Whether you want to grow some of your favorite foods or beautify your natural spaces with flowers and foliage, gardening is a great activity for all ages! Here at Montereau, residents love the power of plants, from growing herbs and patio tomatoes to gathering with campus clubs to exchange tips and techniques.

Our seasoned green thumbs have experienced the many benefits of this hobby. If you are interested in taking up a new pastime, here are 5 health benefits to gardening:

1. Soak in some natural vitamin D. While gardening outdoors, there’s increased exposure to vitamin D. This vitamin boosts your calcium levels which contributes to healthier bones and a stronger immune system. While you’re at it, don’t forget to apply your sunscreen and use sunglasses to shield your eyes.  

2. Decrease the risk of developing dementia. Another one of the health benefits of gardening for older adults is possibly lowering your risk for dementia. One study found that this risk could be reduced by as much as 36 percent. Working with Mother Nature helps keep your mind active and your spirit centered!

3. Boost your mood. Gardening can be seen as a multifaceted hobby. That’s because you experience the calming effects of nature, the joy of caring for and watching your hard work blossom as well as the social connection if you garden in a group.  Together, these all help to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol and boost your mood.  

4. Make aerobic exercise fun. Add variety to your workout routine with gardening as an enjoyable form of aerobic exercise. From pulling weeds, reaching for various tools and digging dirt to lots of twisting and bending, this surely counts as an aerobic activity.  Over time, you’ll notice improvements in your strength, stamina and flexibility.

5. Live social. Our activities on campus are varied and our social calendar is filled with opportunities to socialize. In addition, gardening is yet another way you can stay engaged and form bonds with those who share a common interest—an important component of social wellness.

Love gardening? Want to learn more about Montereau? Contact us any time for a tour and to meet some of our resident “green thumbs.” Depending on the season, you might even be able to sample a home-grown tomato from a patio or smell the roses in a neighbor’s garden. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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May 23, 2022

by Montereau