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Awards Blooming in the Abbey
Awards Blooming in the Abbey

Residents in The Abbey, Montereau's assisted living memory care neighborhood, were recently presented with the "Happiest and Healthiest Garden" Award from Eldergrow. "Eldergrow" is a national therapy gardening program that supplies the structure, plants, supplies and scheduled interactive educational sessions that focus on "gardening with a purpose". The evidence-based therapeutic horticulture program provides numerous benefits including improving self-esteem, motor skills, and sleep.

This honor is given on a monthly basis to the Eldergrow garden that is considered the most attractive and well-maintained. Montereau's was selected from among 125 gardens across the United States, and Abbey residents were honored to receive this distinction. Abbey Program Manager, Jessica Vagin, emphasized, "The residents and staff are so greatly appreciative of the award because of the love and time they spend in helping the garden thrive."

This indoor garden has been a popular attraction since it was donated by The Meyberg family in 2018. Montereau's Eldergrow garden is only one of two such programs in the state of Oklahoma. The addition of this therapy garden was a natural fit for our caring residents and provides a way for caregivers and residents to take part in an activity that is beneficial, interactive, and fun!

Jessica Vagin noted that the residents enjoy the garden immensely, saying, "They have really taken ownership of the garden. It has been an amazing addition to The Abbey."

With the light and soil features of the indoor garden, flowers, plants and herbs can be seen thriving year-round. Jessica went on to say, "Residents love tending to the garden. They touch the soil, pick the dead leaves off the plants and water and plant. For some, it is a continuation of a hobby they have always enjoyed � gardening."

This garden is truly a gift that keeps on giving (and growing!). Congratulations to The Abbey residents on this blooming achievement!

Jessica and Jane proudly display their ribbon from Eldergrow.

Abbey residents and Jessica with their Eldergrow Garden.

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April 17, 2020

by Montereau