Don’t just take our word for it.

Get the inside perspective from the folks who’ve made Montereau their home. They aren’t shy about sharing what they think makes their community so special.

“The library is so comfortable, with a fireplace and beautiful chairs and a great big ottoman. And there’s a lovely table to sit and work if you need to. It all just feels right. Like everything else here at Montereau, it feels like home.” 

  • When we were deciding whether to come here or not, I noticed that everyone speaks to you – not just residents, but staff members as well. You won't pass anyone who doesn’t greet you with a friendly, ‘Hello,’ or give a nod and say, ‘How are you doing today?’ It just made a marvelous impression on us.


  • I wish everyone could know the kindness and consideration shown by all who live and work here.

    Pastor Bill

  • I love reading in the community library. It’s so comfortable, with a fireplace and beautiful chairs. It just feels right. Like everything else at Montereau, it feels like home.


  • You can stay busy every minute, or just kick back and relax. It’s everything you could possibly want.

    Bob and Susan

  • Living in a place like this is like a little independent city. The people who live here are very friendly and welcoming, and they all have a story. It's just absolutely, incredibly fascinating.


  • I enjoy being outside and reading on my balcony. To me, this is the best apartment living in the Midwest.


  • The best thing about Montereau is the people in Montereau. We've made a lot of good friends here.

    Dr. Barney

  • We didn't know if we'd like apartment living until we discovered how many activities and social occasions Montereau has. We like the day trips and dining with friends. We love the staff, too. They're so attentive to the residents.


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