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Spirit of Giving Spirit of Giving

Catch the Montereau Spirit

It’s a spirit that’s vibrant and pervasive among residents and staff as they go about their daily lives in this active retirement community. It’s a binding force that links together those who live and work in the community. And it’s readily apparent to newcomers who quickly catch the spirit and strengthen the bonds.

Caring, giving and uplifting others are principle tenets of the Montereau Spirit. Residents and staff put these values into actions every day, and their compassion is evidenced by ongoing efforts to reach out to others, especially in times of need, and by being advocates and supporters of other community service organizations.

Giving of time, talents, funding and resources is a Montereau tradition. It is a practice exemplified by Montereau’s founder, William K. Warren. The Montereau Charitable Funds were established when the community opened in 2003 to support Montereau residents in times of need, and to make improvements to the community that enhance the lives of older adults.

Sharing our gifts

The Montereau Spirit is a way of life for many residents and staff. The recipients of benevolence and charitable donations are numerous, and the positive impact of this generosity can be felt within Montereau, throughout the greater Tulsa community … and beyond.

Examples of the spirit of giving in action:

  • Montereau supports 97 nonprofit organizations through volunteer service by residents and staff and/or donations and sponsorships.
  • Over a two-year period, 158 Montereau residents volunteered 15,168 hours of their time and talents to serve Tulsa area nonprofit organizations.
  • The value of volunteer time donated by Montereau residents was $258,615.

Join our mission

Nearly 200 individuals, business and organizations donated to Montereau during a two-year period in support of the Montereau Charitable Funds. As a 501(c)(3), nonprofit, all charitable donations are tax-deductible.

Funding in action

Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund furthers Montereau’s mission of caring for older adults by providing a means to ensure that Montereau residents can access the full continuum of care available at Montereau throughout their lifetimes, regardless of changes in health status or the ability to pay for services. Through the Benevolent Care Fund, Montereau grants confidential financial assistance to residents. Residents are currently leading a $3 million campaign to encourage additional charitable donations to the Benevolent Fund in preparation for future needs.

Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund supports projects that enhance the Montereau community above and beyond what is normally covered in the annual operating budget, and assists other not-for-profit organizations when designated by Montereau residents. Gifts are often made in memory of a loved one or in tribute to a family member or friend.

Legacy Program

Through generous charitable donations from residents and their families, the Legacy Program has funded numerous projects on the Montereau campus that “lift the spirit” and provide a lasting legacy for the community. Examples include stained glass windows, the mosaic cross, organ and many elements of the Warren Chapel at Montereau, as well as sculptures, fountains, benches, landscaping, an aquarium, aviary and the Freedom Circle honoring America’s veterans.

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