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See Your Doctor Without Leaving Montereau’s Campus

It’s the ultimate convenience! Geriatrician Chandini Sharma, M.D. comes to Montereau every Tuesday morning to see her patients who are Independent Living residents of Montereau.

Chandini Sharma has a passion for caring for older adults. You don’t have to ask to learn this about her. All you have to do is meet her and watch her interact with her senior patients to know she cares deeply.

An observer can quickly surmise that Dr. Sharma most likely answered a personal calling when she became a Geriatrician.

Her energy and compassion are immediately apparent as she goes about her work. Her patients reap the benefits.

Floyd Autin, Chief Operating Officer of Montereau’s Health Services, recently recruited Dr. Sharma to become the primary care physician for Independent Living residents who choose to see a doctor who schedules office hours on campus.

“I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Sharma on the Oklahoma State Legislators Special Committee on Alzheimer’s,” Floyd explained. “Her clinical skills were self-evident through her vita, but I really got to know her compassion and her interpersonal skills during our rides together to Oklahoma City and back.”

“Montereau is extremely fortunate to have Dr. Sharma as part of our team,” he said.

Dr. Sharma comes to Montereau with 15 years of experience practicing as a Geriatrician.

Originally from India, she moved to the United States to earn her medical degree and do her residency at the University of Connecticut.

Her specialty was Internal Medicine. Upon completion, she was awarded a fellowship to study there for two additional years in her sub-specialty, Geriatrics.

In order to transfer her visa from a visiting professional to permanent status, she took a position in a small community in Kansas where she was the only doctor in the county.

“There I served in every role,” Dr. Sharma said, “from primary care doctor, to ER director, to medical examiner.”

The University of Oklahoma brought her to Tulsa in 2006 to join the OU-Tulsa College of Medicine faculty. Her reputation soon became known and Oklahoma State University recruited her to lead the growth of their geriatrics department in Tulsa. Two years later, OSU re-structured their medical program and revised their plans.

The timing was right for Dr. Sharma to start her own private practice in Tulsa. She now serves retirement communities and sees patients in her office on the Zarrow Campus near 71st St. and Lewis Ave.

She is one of just a few Geriatricians practicing in Tulsa.

As a Geriatrician, Dr. Sharma focuses on the entire spectrum of health for older adults.

“We promote health in the young older adult – the 65-75 age group. We maintain health from 75-85. Then, quality of life is the focus from 85 on. I am hospice and palliative care-certified, so I take it to the last mile as well,” she explained.

“Most of us recognize the difference between pediatrics and internal medicine, but we are still trying to identify the distinction of when an adult turns into an older adult. With the silver tsunami on our doorstep and our life spans increasing by so much, there is a difference, and most elderly feel it,” Dr. Sharma said.

“Health issues become more complex, and patients need more time and attention. We Geriatricians are like jugglers of the more chronic problems.”

On a personal note, Dr. Sharma enjoys hiking. “Right now, one of my projects is going bouldering around Lake Keystone. Wherever there is a boulder to climb, we’ll climb it.”

She said she is “ecstatic!” about her new role at Montereau.

Dr Chandini Shama with Joanne

About Dr. Sharma’s Practice at Montereau:

New Patients: Call Montereau Nurse Nita Edens at (918) 491-5218. Her hours are Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. She will make an appointment for you and put a New Patient Packet in your box. You will be asked to fill out your pre-visit questionnaire before your first appointment.

Appointments are for 30 minutes each on Tuesday mornings in the Doctor’s Office, 1st floor Commons.

Montereau Nurses Nita Edens and Sandra Hunter will work with Dr. Sharma to care for patients.

Insurance: Medicare and most secondary insurance providers are accepted. Dr. Sharma’s application with Community Care is in progress.

After Hours: Call (918) 918-561-6642. The answering service will ask Dr. Sharma to call you. She said most issues can be handled by phone, but if she needs to see you before the next Tuesday, she may set an appointment at her 71st and Lewis office.

Hospital: Patients may go to the hospital of their choice where they will be seen by a hospitalist or specialist. Dr. Sharma will communicate with the doctors at the hospital.

Skilled Nursing: If you need to go to Skilled Nursing, you will be seen by Dr. Lade or Dr. Luiskutty, the physicians for the Health Centers. Dr. Sharma will be in close communication with them.

Expansion: As Dr. Sharma’s practice at Montereau grows, she will add office hours and possibly add a Nurse Practitioner.


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