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Montereau Residents and Staff Donate Thousands of Hours and Dollars

More than 150 Montereau residents donated 15,168 hours of time and talents to serve Tulsa area nonprofit organizations in 2012 and 2013. Their donated time is valued at $258,615!

Plus, the Montereau community donated $188,226 to other nonprofit organizations through direct donations, funds raised, memberships and sponsorships. An additional $38,300 in in-kind goods and services was donated.

In total, the Montereau community supported 97 nonprofits through volunteer service, donations and sponsorships in 2012 and 2013.

These impressive statistics are evidence of “The Montereau Spirit” which is vibrant and pervasive among residents and staff alike as they go about their daily lives in this active retirement community.

Caring, giving and uplifting others are principle tenets of “The Montereau Spirit.” Residents and staff put these values into actions every day. The recipients of their benevolence are numerous, and the positive impact of their generosity can be felt within Montereau, throughout the greater Tulsa community, and beyond.


Montereau residents volunteer frequently at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma.

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