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Floyd Autin Named Terry Clark Outstanding Leader in Aging

We’re so proud that Montereau’s own Floyd Autin was named the Terry Clark Outstanding Leader in Aging by LeadingAge Oklahoma.   This prestigious award is given to a person who positively impacts the aging services profession.  Floyd had done just that with his career in long-term care.

The award submission was written by members of Floyd’s team in the Health Center, and explains why he deserves this award:

“In the thesis for his 1995 Master’s of Science in Gerontology, Floyd Autin quoted from the legendary Bob Dylan, “The times they are a changing.” Floyd was referring to an evolving health care industry and the issues placed on long term health care administrators.

Mr. Autin has been a driving force in Oklahoma’s long term care arena. Leading by example, he is unafraid to challenge the system to improve resident care.  During his tenure at Enid Senior Care, he implemented the Eden Alternative.  He recognized the necessity for improving quality of care, a true systemic culture change toward resident-centered care.

Floyd was a member of the 2010 Alzheimer’s Task Force, initiated by the State Legislature to identify its potential impact and make recommendations. In 2014, Floyd was asked to rejoin the Task Force to refresh the 2010 report, identify progress, and submit new recommendations.  Other key leadership roles include past board membership of Daily Living Centers and past president for Green Country Healthcare Association.

As the current Administrator and COO for Montereau’s Health Centers, Floyd has been the champion for many initiatives, including development of onsite pharmaceutical services, automated supply management, electronic medical record conversion, OSU student physician long term care clinical rotation, and many more.

Floyd is an advocate for increased education and licensure requirements for those who are interested in becoming long term care administrators. He is also an ongoing mentor for each Montereau staff member.  A trusted leader, Floyd invests in the success of each individual.  One team member said, “I remember Floyd saying, ‘If we get a good comment, it goes to you; if we get a bad comment, it is mine.’  Floyd taught me that people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.  Floyd Autin is one of those bosses you don’t want to leave.”

Since this submission was written, Floyd stepped down as Health Center Administrator and took on the role of Montereau’s Vice President.  From this new position, he can continue to be a trusted leader at Montereau and in the aging services profession.

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