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Bringing Residents Together Through the Arts

Residents and visitors to Montereau have long admired our beautifully decorated commons areas, including the many paintings and prints adorning the walls. Montereau’s newest special interest group, the Arts Council, decided to make an event out of admiring these beautiful artworks.  Charlotte Lough, chair of the Arts Council, led a group of residents on our first Montereau Art Crawl.  They walked the halls of our commons areas discussing the style, techniques and history of some of our paintings.

The Montereau Art Crawl is the first event organized by Montereau’s Arts Council. This group, made up of approximately 15 residents, meets every other month and discusses events that can be coordinated to highlight and celebrate the arts.  The purpose of the council is to bring residents together community-wide through the arts.  “It’s not just visual arts, like painting, but all the art forms we have here – performance art, crafts, literary and music,” explained Charlotte.

There are several projects in the works for the Council. Suggestions include a life story workshop and art appreciation classes.  Council members will discuss implementing these and other new ideas during their upcoming meetings.

The Council is also working to recruit volunteers to assist with art projects in Montereau’s Health Center. Charlotte stressed that volunteers do not need to have artistic abilities, just a willingness to help.  Volunteers offer companionship, assistance and extra hands during art projects in the Chateau, Villa and Abbey.

If you are interested in volunteering to assist with art projects in the Health Center, or would like more information about Montereau’s Arts Council, please contact Charlotte Lough at (918) 779-6142 or clough7@cox.net.


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